Photo by © Luke Austin 

Hi, I'm Rooney. I'm a bubbly illustrator based in Salt Lake City, Utah. Concerned mainly with gay and queer culture, my work focuses on challenging conventions and promoting shameless self love. At any given moment, I'm obsessing over the colour pink, dancing to tween pop, or drawing my heart out.

My love of pink can likely be traced back to a Barbie phase from ages four to seven, followed immediately by a Britney Spears phase. (This also accounts for the love of tween pop.) I believe in pink because I believe in loving anything that connects you to your authentic self and inspires creativity. 

Among many other things, pink does that for me. I believe in kindness and I believe in positivity. That's because I think life is too damn short to be anything but optimistic! There is not a day in my memory where I did not draw something. It's the only way to make sense of the way I see the world, and the best way I know to communicate that. I suppose you could say I've landed at the intersection of graphic and pop art. (With a little typography for added flare.) I adore what I do, and I love working with and meeting new people! So please, don't be shy, let's make cute things. 

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